Below we have listed websites where you can make your own maps or other content for a talk or lecture, website or wattle site. Ease of use, amount of control, number of features, quality and type of output vary between products.


Geographic locations

We can map your GPS points: these, and any coordinates of locations you give us should be converted to decimal degrees. Please note that, if you are copying and pasting from this conversion spreadsheet into one of your own, you will need to choose 'Values only' when pasting. (There are two ways to do this: (a) right-click on the destination cell and choose 'Values only', or (b) paste, then click on the symbol which appears and choose 'Values only'.) Note: the most useful spreadsheet for us will have the first three columns headed 'Name' 'Latitude' 'Longitude' - for the rest, use your own naming convention.

There are also a number of conversion tools available on the internet.

Harvard has a useful online tool for finding geographic positions. You can click, drag, and drop a red marker on a zoomable map to view its decimal latitude and longitude coordinates in a box.

Other tools and projects

  • Projection wizard - helps you decide what projection to use based on map area and properties.
  • Tridiv - create and manipulate 3D shapes and preview code which you can copy and paste into your own web pages (html and css). This easy-to-use online app may not work in some browsers.
  • Generate your own newspaper page with this newspaper clipping generator.
  • Tagxedo - make a word cloud.
  • List of tools for creating interactive travel maps (eg, Travellerspoint, Scribble Maps, ZeeMaps, TargetMap, MapTiler, HeatmapTool, GmapGIS, geoCommons).
  • Bounding Box Tool (Klokan Technologies)
  • NYPL Map Warper
  • Google Fusion Tables - visualise data with interactive charts, plots, timelines, graphs and geographical maps.
  • Microsoft Visio - easy-to-use diagramming tool available to ANU staff through ANU software.
  • Adobe Illustrator - vector graphics editor available to ANU staff through ANU software. Use it to customise the downloadable MapsOnline map files to your needs.
  • Inkscape - open source vector graphics editor: alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Google Earth Tour - create flythroughs of anywhere on Earth, viewing satellite imagery, terrain, 3D buildings, maps. Additional features available in Google Earth Pro, which is now also free.
  • The True Size Of ... Compare the size of countries and see how map projections can distort.


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